Broken Hearts

Everyone remembers the phrase, “He’s just not that into you”. I think it became a book and was featured in an episode of Sex and the City. It refers to the pesky little fact that perhaps that guy or gal who is not calling and answering your texts really isn’t that interested in having a relationship.

At least twice a week I get a person who comes in for a Tarot reading asking about a former lover who is long gone.  They can’t quite get the person out of their minds, and they cannot move forward to a new relationship.  They believe in the hearts that the person is coming back, but most times the card reading indicates they will not.  I’ve actually had a person get mad at me because I did not confirm that the lover was indeed coming back.

I have a lot of compassion for these people because I was once one.  It took me many years to get over a former lover, and no relationship I had afterwards lasted because he took up too much space in my heart.

In my pain, I looked everywhere for relief.  I learned Reiki, energy healing, Tarot reading, Astrology, and more, just trying to understand it.  And I learned something valuable from the experience. What I learned is the subject of a book I’m currently writing on soul mates.

I’m not going to give away the contents of my book, but there is a lot more at play here. These people who we can’t seem to forget are more than just not being that into you.  They are soul mates, people who come into our lives move us forward on our spiritual path. They aren’t necessarily meant to stay.  Sometimes they are catalysts, coming to wake us from our negative lives.  Sometimes they come to alert us to something that is out of balance within ourselves — ego, closed heart, low self esteem.

But I would say nearly almost all the time they come from our past lives. They come with unresolved karma that leaves us feeling like we are uncomplete without them.  Once the karma is complete, we can move on.  I’ve done many regressions that have helped people to move on from these types of relationships.

For more information, you’ll just have to wait for the book.  Or book an appointment!


Miracle Cures

Yesterday, I read that soy is being reconsidered as beneficial.  It was originally touted as such, then not.  From time to time, various items become the “it” miracle cure, such as turmeric, certain mushrooms, marijuana, etc.

Though I think some products have merit in our diets, I don’t think that any one can be the “magic bullet” that is a cure-all. I think this kind of thinking comes from the discovery of the original “magic bullet”, penicillin, which changed the course of humanity. Previously, diseases such as a strep throat or an injury could cause death.  Penicillin came along and saved millions of lives.

Today we are always looking for the “miracle cure”, the instant fix that will solve all our problems and heal all our diseases.  As a healer, I know that true healing comes from many places:  Reiki, energy healing, allopathic medicine, alternative medicine, spiritual maturity, positive thoughts, appropriate diet and weight, and a meaningful life.

I call the instant cure, “McSpirit”.  It’s the American mentality of wanting everything instantly, like a McDonald’s meal.  Yes, you get instant gratification, but in the long term you destroy your body.

What we really need is balance in our lives.  Balanced chakras, balanced emotions, balanced meals, balanced thoughts.  True healing takes work and must occur on all three levels: body, mind and spirit.


Checks and Balances

I have to wonder these days, where exactly are those checks and balances? Will they save us or not?

I also have to wonder, why don’t we vet our presidential candidates as we do his appointments? Why is the president allowed a free ride? Shouldn’t it be a law that we see his or her taxes? That his psychological health be evaluated? That his business connections be disclosed? Seems all that has gone by the wayside. 

Is it also ok to flagrantly disregard our Constitution? I just heard that there is a bill being brought forward to allow discrimination because of religious beliefs and another one to allow churches to support political candidates.

I guess the real question is, does Democracy really work? In the end, will it survive?

Psychic Protection



Do you walk into a room and immediately sense the mood of the inhabitants?  Do you pick up other people’s emotions and pain? Continually get drained by certain individuals? Live with people who continually bring you down? Shy away from crowds, the mall?

You are most likely an empath. An empath is someone who feels another person’s feelings, emotions and pain. Many of the empaths I have met during the course of my work had no idea that the negative emotions they were feeling weren’t actually theirs.

Some people are the victims of psychic vampirism. Psychic vampirism comes from individuals who dump all their problems on you.  They feel better, but the problem is you feel horrid! Some will actually get energetically charged by your energy, but will drain you.

Psychic attack occurs when another person thinks negative thoughts about you that you pick up on.  You might not be aware that this is even happening.

So what can you do?  This is the realm of psychic protection work. There are many techniques to barrier yourself from the emotions and pain of others.  We will be discussing these techniques on December 10, 2016 at Myztic Isle in La Mesa.  This very important class, “Grounding, Centering and Protection” is open to all people who need to learn to protect themselves, who are empathic, work in the healing or psychic professions or merely are drained from the people closest to them.  You can sign up on my Facebook event, Georgia Vlahos/Ravenhawk.

Love and Light, Georgia

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Questions for the Tarot


The Tarot can provide a wealth of information, but it’s important to ask the right questions. The Tarot can provide a lot in the way of answers.

I have found that there are many categories of readers.  Some simply read the Tarot, which is effective.  Some are intuitive, meaning they pick up on your thoughts.  Others are empathic and can feel what you and those in your life are actually feeling.  Some have powers of precognition, and can see into the future.  Others are mediumistic, and can connect with those who pass.  And a few are channelers and can connect with your guides and angels.

Phrasing your questions properly is key.  Rather than ask, “Is he coming back to me?” ask instead, “What can I do to be more receptive to love?”  “How do I block love from coming into my life?”  “What do I need to do to prepare myself for a serious relationship?”

Asking these questions will provide a wealth of information to help you to make your life more receptive to love.  And perhaps it will even help you to bring in your next love, which may be “the one”. Keeping open to options is very important.

If you do ask a yes/no question, such as “Will I get the job?” be very specific.  “Will I get the job at ABC Company?”  This way, you are ensured to get an answer.  Question, “Will I get the job?” might provide an answer, but the answer may be for another job months into the future.  By being specific, you help your reader get you the answer you need.

Another question that is common is “When?”.  “When will I get a new job?” When questions are very tricky for a reader.  Some readers cannot even answer when questions.  We do our best, but it’s important to consider that “when” is more of a flow of time, as time doesn’t really exist in the “cosmic continuum”. And then there are those times when timing just comes to the reader….

Asking specific questions about a third party can be invasive.  For example, asking if your new love interest is gay is really prying into their personal life.  Ask instead, “What will be the nature of my relationship with X?” This way, you will get the information you need without prying too much into X’s life. It’s always ok to ask for information for yourself.

Also, please note that any Tarot reader with integrity will not tell you when you will die, that you have a “curse” put upon you, or that you have a specific illness.  This is not acceptable.  If you hear anything like that, run!

Yes, the Tarot can look into the future.  Remember though, it’s like a line of dominoes…we can predict how things will turn out based on the current situation, but simply by virtue of the fact that you are asking the question and receiving information, you may change the outcome.  Actually, that’s the point of a Tarot reading!

So think about what you want to know before you come to your reading because you will come out better informed.


Love, Georgia



I am sitting here at the computer, this 9/11 pondering the state of the world and humanity. It seems the world has polarized into two factions:  those that can feel compassion and those that can’t.

I was remembering a Facebook “conversation” with a friend…who was ranting about how people who don’t have health insurance are “lazy” and don’t want to work.  This was of course prior to Obamacare.  I remember the hurt I felt when I realized I was one of those people.  Despite working 40 hour weeks in pain grooming dogs (and believe me, it’s a body killing profession), my employer did not offer health insurance.  It would have hurt the “bottom line” too much I suppose.

It seems like there is a faction in the United States at least who do not even begin to understand what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes.  Nor do they want to.  They live in their own little narcissistic world and don’t even care to realize that not everyone has the same opportunities.  We live in a country where the minimum wage hasn’t been raised in many years, yet everything continues to creep upwards in cost.

Yet, it’s not the politics I’m talking about here.  It’s the lack of compassion I see daily coming from at least half of our population.  These are the same people who don’t care for Mother Earth, who turn away children refugees, who cut programs that provide food for the poor, many of whom are helpless children, who begrudge healthcare and on and on.

I ask myself, what makes people so unkind?  These are the same people who claim to be Christians, but who don’t even remotely live the life that Jesus taught.  All of those that we worship, from Jesus to Gandhi to Mother Theresa, exhibited the trait of compassion, yet it doesn’t seem to really exist much today.

So it’s not political to me.  It’s a plague upon humanity.  Perhaps we need to evolve another thousand years to see it; I don’t know.  I do know that it pains me greatly to see our world overrun by the narcissists. I want to envision a world where people care for the Earth and the creatures upon it, and care for their fellow human beings.  With our technology and wealth, no one should have to suffer.


Reiki Distance Healing



Did you know that it’s possible for a Reiki practitioner to send healing to you or your pets over distances? The amazing Reiki Distance Symbol allows for healing to travel all over the planet and beyond.

By invoking the Distance Symbol, the practitioner then sets an intention to send Reiki to a specific person, pet or place.  A photograph of the person or pet is helpful to the practitioner, as well as the location of the client.  The practitioner then focuses on sending Reiki while visualizing the client receiving the healing energy.

I have found the distance method to be very effective.  I’ve had to use it many times for friends and clients who lived far away.  It is also possible to send the Reiki Attunement via the Distance Symbol. So it’s possible to take a Reiki class online.

I believe that it works because all things are connected.  There have been many examples of ideas travelling the cosmic continuum.  For example, when monkeys in one area of the world suddenly began washing their food before eating it, monkeys on the other side of the planet soon began doing the same thing.

I offer in person Reiki healing sessions for people and pets in the Southern California area.  The cost of a visit will vary according to location.  The basic visit is $50 + travel charges.  I also offer distance healing at the cost of $25 per person or pet.  This covers one half hour of me personally sending Reiki to you or your pet.  Please provide a photo of the Reiki recipient.

I also offer online Reiki classes, Levels 1 and 2.  Send an email for more information.

You can contact me at:

Love and Light, Georgia