Somewhere along the labyrinthine path to spiritual enlightenment, somewhere after the “Dark Night of the Soul”, we are faced with a very dark and frightening turn, The Path of Surrender. At some point on the Spiritual Path, it becomes impossible to make any further progress without surrendering.

What exactly is surrender?  Is it the complete jettisoning of personal will, a total sacrifice of goals, the hoisting of the white flag of defeat?  Surrender is not defeat. Surrender is victory. It is not giving up on our personal goals and sacrificing our personal will to another and it is certainly not co-dependence.

Surrender is giving up the concept of control and letting the “Universe”, or the “Higher Self”, or the personal divine take over the steering wheel, with no back seat driving.  Control involves the ego, and the ego has no place in personal spiritual development.  The ego seeks to control others, our environment, events around us.  It seeks to control the emotions, our ability to love, and the emotional life of others around us.  The wasted energy spent in control needs to be released so that the natural process of spiritual growth can continue unhindered.When I visualize this concept, I think of one of the episodes of the original Star Trek series.  Captain Kirk and Spock are caught in an alien force field that they are fiercely fighting. As they struggle, the force field becomes ever more vigilant.   Finally, they are barely able to move.  “Captain” Spock says quietly.  He has discovered something.  He has discovered that the more they fight the force field, the worse it gets.  Spock suggests trying stillness and calm and not fighting it to see what happens.  Of course, when they stop fighting it, the force field dissipates.  What a wonderful metaphor for Surrender!

Surrender involves an incredible leap of Faith.  Faith is the most significant element of Surrender.  Without Faith, there can be no Surrender.  Faith involves the belief that there is a greater good, a higher perspective, a divine, a higher self, or the “big picture”.  Faith involves trusting that our souls have chosen for us the path of greatest good, or spiritual learning and soul growth that is after all our purpose for being here on the Blue Planet.

This may involve finally seeing that not receiving gratification for the demands of our immediate ego needs may result in a greater opportunity somewhere down the line.  This “leap of faith” must exist in order for our destinies to unfold.  A coveted promotion which doesn’t pan out, the cherished relationship which fails, loss and separation, death, divorce, illness, vanished opportunities….all will evolve into a greater opportunity to realize the soul’s place on the true life path.


Also involved is a certain degree of patience.  Patience to let the way of the greater good evolve into the ideal situation.  The True Path does not reveal itself in the time frame we would like.  To a society largely sown on fast food and instant gratification, it must be acknowledged that there is no “McSpirit”, a drive-through of instant enlightenment.

In order to Surrender, one must realize that there is something much greater and much more powerful than anything this existence can offer.  Call it the Universe, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, The Big Picture, or whatever, but it’s all the same.  The Universe works in its own time and its own place.  Because in the Big Picture, there is no linear time or linear place.  The Universe is not bound by linear constraints.  It is beyond time and place.  Time and place are illusions created by our own egos.  Surrender involves Faith in the workings of the Universe, the divine order that governs all, and the Patience to see it through.



Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I’ve noticed a post by a person who is making Reiki Masters for $47 over the internet.  I tried to comment on this post, and found I could not.  It would appear that this person does not welcome comments and that many of them could be negative.

I assume he is making a fortune on this.  That might be why he turned off the comment section. I myself am truly upset by what he is doing.

He advertises that he is teaching the way Dr. Usui taught, as Western Reiki is “wrong” as taught by Mrs. Takata.  Yes, she had many faults, but she taught Reiki the way way it was intended to be taught by its founder, Dr. Usui. In person.  And over time. In fact, Dr. Usui took way more time at each Reiki level than any of us do these days. He made very few Reiki Masters too.

You can’t master anything in a few moments.  We in the West seem to be stuck on what I call “McSpirit”, the McDonald’s mentality of getting your food, and everything else you want, in an instant.  Applied to spirituality, it doesn’t work.  It doesn’t even work for feeding our bodies.

Being a Reiki Master is complicated and it’s a skill.  You have to have the experience to handle all the things that will come up with your clients and students.  And believe me, there is no end to the variety of issues and problems that come up, not the least of which is the “healing crisis” that might occur after receiving Reiki treatments and attunements. Every student/client is different.  A Reiki Master must be there for them.  You can’t just send some materials and then disappear while your client/student struggles.  It’s unethical.

Would you want a doctor or lawyer who had viewed some YouTube videos to operate on you or handle your lawsuit?  You would choose the most experienced doctor or lawyer you could find.

Reiki is a serious practice.  We are dealing with peoples’ lives.  It’s not a frivolous  feel good practice.  It has a serious ability to heal, reduce stress and pain.

If you want to be a Reiki Master, do the work.  Get the experience.  Take the time to learn in person.  Reiki is becoming more mainstream these days (like in hospitals and the VA) and it’s important to have well educated, experienced practitioners out in the world.  That doesn’t come from a YouTube video.

For more information on my Reiki practice and becoming a Reiki Master  check out my website.

Saturn Transits

With Saturn’s move from sunny Sagittarius to Capricorn, it crossed my ascendant or rising sign.  This is a time of dissolution of ego, when the persona is forced to become one with the reality of who I really am.  Since I’ve been working toward that goal for many years, it’s not the devastating time the Saturn book says it would be.  Having a knowledge of Astrology has prepared me for this transit.

This move of Saturn from optimistic Sagittarius into serious Capricorn will affect everyone.  How it affects you depends on your own personal Astrological chart.

Transits of the planet Saturn can be difficult as Saturn is the teacher and the task maker.  Whatever isn’t working in your life will certainly be in your face for fixing.  This may not be comfortable, to say the least.  When I had my first Saturn return (age 29-30), my father, who was in his second Saturn return (age 59-60) passed away.  His life wasn’t working at all and he was doing nothing to fix it.  I also became pregnant with my first son, so we are the second generation to share Saturn returns.  It was a time of great learning for me but I didn’t really get it then.  Uranus came through for its opposition at age 38-40 and tore my life apart.  That’s when the learning really began.

Other Saturn transits that can be difficult are when it transits itself (square, opposition) or transits the Moon’s Nodes.  The transit of the Moon’s node focus on life’s purpose, and the purpose of your soul, why you are here for example.  This transit can be quite difficult, especially if you are not living your life’s purpose. You can find out the soul’s purpose in the chart by studying the Moon’s Nodes.

My job as an Astrologer is to foresee these transits and, as a life coach, help my clients to navigate the often difficult waters they bring.  It is possible to anticipate Saturn transits and prepare for them.  That’s one of the many reasons people seek an Astrological consultation.  Some aspects of their lives might not be working also…so an Astrologer can help to sort it all out.

For more about my Astrology practice, visit my website.

The New Year’s Reading

Every year in the months of December and January, I offer my very special New Year’s Tarot Reading.  It’s a thirteen card spread that gives a message for each month of the coming year. I also pick an oracle card for another perspective for the New Year. I see it as a flow of events, possibilities for the coming year.

I don’t personally believe that Tarot readings are written in stone. I believe a reading indicates the probable flow of events given what is currently true.  By virtue of the fact that the client is getting a glimpse into the future, it is possible to make changes to redirect the chain the chain of events.  In other words, fate is the opportunity; free will is what you do with it.  And we all have free will.

Fate will, throughout our lives, provide us with opportunities for learning and growing.  It’s whether you take that opportunity to make changes that makes the difference and influences the outcome.  For example, I knew someone who was a hoarder.  He kept everything he ever owned in his three car garage.  One year, a brush fire swept up the back yard and burned down only the garage, leaving the house intact.  Clearly, the “universe” was trying to tell him something.  The fire was fate, and his free will allowed him to either learn the lesson or not.  Many choose not to learn their lessons and thus have to suffer the same lesson coming to them in other forms.

So your New Year’s reading will let you know what is “scheduled” by the Universe to come to you in 2018.  I try to present it in a positive and beneficial way.  Because I am trained as a life coach, I strive to help all my clients to realize their goals and strive to bring hope into people’s lives.  I also am there to help them through the more difficult times.

Let’s see if 2018 is the year you get that new job, new love and new life!

New Year’s Blessings, Ravenhawk (Georgia Vlahos)


Fire is once again raging through Southern California.  Twenty five horse have died so far at the training facility, San Luis Rey Downs.  We live in fear here in California.  So much can change in an instant.

Earlier this week I’d been smelling fire for about three days.  I thought maybe I’d developed a brain tumor…now I know.

Please send Reiki and prayer.  Not much else to say.  I’m so sad….

Tarot vs. Oracle Decks

A lot of people ask me what the difference is between Tarot decks and oracle decks.

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards having Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.  The majors represents a spiritual journey and indicate very significant issues in a client’s life.  The minors are the more mundane, and represent daily life and people in the client’s life.  There are four suits, Swords which represent action, Wands that represent enterprise, Cups that are the emotions and Pentacles which are money and profession.  When these cards are put together into a spread, a story is told about a section of the client’s life, or an answer is given to a question that the client has posed to the reader.

An oracle deck has 44 or more cards and each card is a self contained message. The oracle decks have themes such as angels, fairies, animals, or just about anything else.  The client can pick one card and receive a message from that card that may help him or her in their life.

I find the Tarot to be multi-dimensional, meaning that it covers a great deal of ground.  The oracle is more linear, in that it is a series of messages rather than a story about the client’s life. At least that’s my perception.

I use the Tarot to answer the client’s questions and I add an oracle card at the end to convey a message about the reading.  Most times, it confirms the reading.

I think everyone should have an oracle deck and pick a card each day for some personal guidance.  The Tarot is more complex, and unless you want to do readings for people, you might want to stick to the oracle decks.  I know some readers might disagree with me on that, but it takes a long time to learn to read Tarot and having a developed intuition or psychic ability helps.  Most oracle decks are simple, in that you pick a card and read the message and perhaps integrate it into your life.

There are readers who use oracle decks, and readers who use Tarot decks and readers like myself who use both, though the Tarot is my main tool.



What I Do and Why I Do It

I thought I’d take a moment to share my work with you.  It means everything to me; it’s my raison d’etre, so to speak.

I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life on a spiritual quest to first heal myself and then to help others to heal.  We all come with some damage.  It could be from childhood, adulthood, or even past lives.  The damage prevents us from becoming all that we can be.  It robs us of our happiness, prosperity and sense of fulfillment. I believe that everyone is entitled to joy in life.

I’ve dedicated myself to helping others find that joy in their own lives.  I read Tarot cards to help people sort things out; teach Reiki to bring physical, mental and emotional healing and assist my clients in finding their true life path through Astro-Coaching to bring  healing of body, mind and spirit.

I work at the Myztic Isle in La Mesa offering Tarot readings, Astro-Coaching and Reiki classes and am also available over the phone, Skype and via email.  I have served clients all over the world.

My biggest passion is Astrology.  I began studying it in 1993, after I had my own astrology chart interpreted.  The person I consulted predicted then that I would become an astrologer and he wasn’t wrong. I had the good fortune to study with two people who were excellent astrologers:  Juanita Peterson and Christine Star Mountain.  Both have since passed, but impacted my life in such a way that I will be forever grateful.  In the 90s, we used to spend entire days at Juanita’s house analyzing charts and poking through her extensive Astrology book collection, which encompassed an entire room. I remember that she had Astrology books in Latin, French and German, some quite ancient, and she had read them all.  How I miss her and Chrissy and those wonderful days!

I went on to study many Astrological techniques and amassed an Astrological library of my own.  I came to see that the Astrological chart is not only vehicle for predicting the future but also a soul map.  The chart details the needs of the soul.  In the Astrological chart lie all the karma, blocks to success, trials and tribulations, soul needs and soul purpose of the individual.  It’s the key to joy and fulfillment in life.

In as sense, your life is fated at the moment of your birth, as that is when the chart is made. Fate is the opportunity, free will is what you do with it.  Every human has free will.

In my three part Astro-Coaching sessions, I first study the Astrological chart and find out the deepest soul needs of my clients.  I find the keys to happiness and success and sort out the blocks to success.  We prioritize the client’s goals and needs and then work together to make it happen.  I am results oriented.  I want to see my clients make huge improvements in their lives, whether it’s professional, personal, romantic, spiritual or otherwise. I love seeing them shatter the blocks to their success and achieve their dreams. It’s possible for nearly everyone to do.

The first session includes listing priorities, setting goals, understanding themselves and knowing who they are and what their soul’s purpose is here on earth.  Every person has a soul’s purpose and it is indicated in the Astrological chart. I’ve always thought that an hour of chart consultation is the fast track to helping my client’s understand themselves and their life’s purpose, where it might take years in therapy to achieve.  In fact, I have had psychologists send me clients when they felt they had hit a plateau in their therapy.  It’s not, however, a substitute to therapy, but rather a fast track to understanding the issues.

When a client finds their soul’s purpose, then can then tailor their lives to fulfilling themselves in all areas of their lives. The next two sessions focus on coaching my clients to attaining their goals and setting new ones.

My experience with these sessions is that my clients have their “ah ha” moments.  Blocks to success are broken through and a new understanding of the self is found.  How many of you have said, “What is my life’s purpose?  Why am I here?”  I can help you find real answers.

If your goals are to start your own business, I can coach you on setting up a website and creating your social media marketing. I currently manage social media for the Myztic Isle, a healing center in La Mesa, CA.

Please take a moment and visit my website.  There you will find more information on all the work that I do.  You can get more info by filling out the Contact form on my website.  I’m just waiting excitedly to talk to you!  Let’s start on the path to fulfillment and joy today!

Blessings to You All, Georgia Vlahos/Ravenhawk